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Bylong Industires offers a wide selections of battery chargers from Curtis Industires, Xantrex (TrueCharge2), and TBS Electronics (OmniCharge)

The Curtis Model 1621 high frequency battery chargers are portable and allow easy charging of industrial vehicle batteries from 24 VDC to 96 VDC using any standard outlet in the world. Curtis Model 1621 battery chargers are ideal for use in material handling, airport, golf, aerial lift, sweeper/scrubber, utility, Light-On-Road and general industrial battery-powered vehicles.

"TRUEcharge 2", by Xantrex, is the next generation for the long term success of the original TRUEcharge smart battery charger. Providing power factor corrected charging for the most efficient and exact charge of up to 3 battery banks. IP32 drip proof rating, low noise fan and full charging current rated at 50 deg C. Ability to exactly charge Wet, Gel, AGM or Calcium battery technology (via selectable switches-no guessing).

TBS Electronics "Omnicharge" battery chargers will deliver long life performance even in the most demanding applications. A unique active rectifier output stage ensures unmatched efficiency figures. Combined with active PFC, the Onmicharge battery chargers are very energy efficient. This will reduce running costs and guarantees a maximum charge current per AC Watt.