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Curtis Instruments - Battery Fuel Gauges, Hour Meters

  • Curtis InstrumentsCurtis Instruments has long been the global technological leader in the accurate measurement of state-of-charge of lead acid batteries for battery-powered industrial vehicles.
  • Curtis offers the widest range of Battery State-of-Charge (BSOC) instruments in the industry and continues to develop new algorithms to improve accuracy as well as methods of measuring the state-of-charge of other battery chemistries and alternative fuel sources.
  • Millions in use worldwide.

  • Curtis Instruments - Series 700 - Solid State Hour Meters & Counters

    Curtis InstrumentsThe Curtis 700 Series are highly reliable solid state hour meters and counters that offer an unprecedented combination of patented technology, performance, reliability and value.

    Suitable for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications, including scheduled maintenance, warranty and leasing – for medical equipment, transport and industrial vehicles and other industrial equipment.


  • Curtis Instruments - Series 802 - Solid State Battery 'Fuel' Gauge & Hour Meter

    Curtis InstrumentsThe Curtis Instruments 802 Series is a combination battery 'fuel' gauge and solid state hour meter housed in a single Ø52mm case.

    Void of moving parts, this two-in-one unit provides exceptional reliability even in severe operating conditions.

    Model 802's dual voltage feature makes it ideal for material handling applications, including forklift truck manufacturers and parts dealers trying to ease their stocking requirements.

    These high quality gauges are also advantageous on sweeper/scrubbers, aerial lift platforms and personnel carriers.


  • Curtis Instruments - Series 803 - Battery 'Fuel' Gauge & Hour Meter with Lift Lockout

    Curtis InstrumentsCurtis Model 803 combines in one instrument a completely solid state battery discharge indicator, an LCD hour meter and lift lockout, housed in a 52mm case.

    Void of moving parts, this combination instrument is exceptionally reliable even in severe operating environments.

    Model 803 is a combination gauge ideally suited for electrically powered vehicles.


  • Curtis Instruments - Series 900R - Battery 'Fuel' Gage

    Curtis Instruments

    The Curtis Model 900R battery "fuel" gauge is inexpensive and easy to install. It is a single piece package and installs via a simple 2 wire connection.

    Model 900R is ideally suited for lead acid battery-powered vehicles that require a display of state-of-charge only.

    The H reset profile is recommended for industrial/recreational vehicles that remain connected to their batteries during the charge cycle. The B reset profile is recommended for electric fork lift trucks and electric vehicles that can be disconnected from or remain connected to their batteries during the charge cycle.

    Units so configured have an undefeatable memory that holds the state of charge of the battery when disconnected.


  • Curtis Instruments - Series 906 - Battery 'Fuel' Guage

    Curtis Instruments

    Model 906 is an inexpensive, one piece, easy to install battery fuel gauge. It is completely solid state and provides a reliable, accurate, and easy to read display of battery state-of-charge.

    Model 906 is available in six panel mount packages and a printed circuit board mounted module for custom dash panel applications.

    This battery fuel gauge features Curtis patented technology and is ideal for golf cars, commercial cleaning equipment, mobility aids, electric bicycles, electric marine motors, medical devices, and similar equipment.