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Bylong Industries is a part of the Catavolt Pty LTd . a diverse organization with expertise in the distribution of niche industrial and retail products. The team at the Catavolt Pty Ltd has significant expertise within the industrial sector and strives to provide excellent customer service and tailored product solutions to all our customers.

Established since the 1980's, Bylong Industries is the licensed distributor in the Pacific region for Curtis Instruments, a US based company that manufactures motor speed controllers for Permanent Magnet, Separately Excited and Series Motors as well as a wide range of instrumentation, battery chargers, input devices and DC contactors.

As well as the extensive range of Curtis products, Bylong Industries supplies the Preco Safety range of strobes, beacons and alarm equipment for all types of vehicles. We also manufacture our own products under the Bylong Industries brand including Engine Idle timers and Alarm Cut out devices.

Our customers include small auto electricians, mining, electric vehicle converters, mobility aid scooter repairers, materials handling equipment sales/service and OEM. Contact the team at Bylong Industries for a competitive quote on all your electric motor controller and vehicle safety item requirements.