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Speed Controller - Permanent Magnet Motor - Non-Programmable 24v 90A 1203A-206

$ 418.00 each


The Curtis 1203A, is an electronic acceleration and speed limiter designed for heavy duty permanent magnet motor applications for wheelchair users. It offers infinitey adjustable drive & brake control, automatic dual ramp reversing, adjustable reversing speeds, regenerative braking, a high frequency (silent) operation with low end torque, and thermal protection in case of overheating.

Compatible with most motor units, the Curtis 1203A speed controller has its main power connectors self-contained for elimination of external power switches.

The unit can be mounted on either the front or back of the wheelchair.

  • POWER: 9-15 volts/15 kilohertz.
  • DIMENSIONS: 3.175 X 15.24 X 12.7mm.
  • WEIGHT: 283.5g.