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Engine Idle Timers CST500

$ 308.00 each



Bylong Industries proudly manufacture a range of ENGINE IDLE TIMERS to suit the trucks, farming equipment, mining vehicles etc.

Shutdown Control

Idle time before shutdown is recommended by the major engine and turbo-charger manufacturers.

  • Status indicator
  • Manual switch for emergency/bypass shutdown
  • Suits 12 or 24 volt DC systems without adjustment
  • After the operator turns off the ignition switch,the Timer permits the engine to idle for thefactory set time and then shuts it off automatically.
  • For engines fitted or retrofitted with electric shutdown solenoid operating on the fuel rack or governor
    Sealed in epoxy against dust, moisture and vibration
  • Compatible with most engine ?protection? systems
  • Suitable for large earthmoving equipment, on and off highway vehicles, agricultural, marine and stationary engine applications


Immediate shutdown of turbo'd engines without the recommended idle cool down period can result in costly repairs.

Extended engine idle period can result in the wasting of costly fuel.  The CST Idle Timer cost can be recovered in fuel savings alone. Carbon build-up on injectors can cause mis-firing and result in noticeable power loss.
Carbon build-up on injectors can cause mis-firing and result in noticeable power loss.

A cool down period is recommended by both engine and turbo charger manufacturers . Turbocharger - a cool down period is mandatory for a turbocharger to prevent damage to shaft and bearing surfaces caused by lack of lubrication and excessive heat.
Engine - immediate engine shutdown results in increased temperature due to a lack of coolant circulation, and can cause damage to heads, exhaust manifolds, main bearings, rod bearings and ring seals.
Extended engine idle period may result in carbon build-up on injectors, valves, pistons, and valve seats.  REDUCES

Helps to reduce frequency of turbocharger rebuilds and costly engine overhauls.

Instal a CST Idle Timer to help reduce income loss from downtime caused by improper idle procedure.

CST Timer can be used on engine with key ON/OFF switch and electric shutdown system.
OPERATION:  After installing the CST according to instructions, and the timer switch is set in the idle position, it is ready to use.  The operator need only turn off the ignition switch to have the engine continue idling for the delay time, and then it will shut off automatically.

1. CST models are available for idle periods of 3 or 5 minutes.

2. The CST is designed to control the engine manufacturers electrical shutdown system which may be either energised to run OR energised to stop.  Models for both applications are available.

3. Consult your engine Dealer for approved idle period, type of electrical shutdown system and its operating voltage and/or Bylong Industries Pty Limited.

4. Use CST in Idle Mode position at all times unless an Immediate shutdown is required.

INPUT VOLTAGE: 12 or 24 volt DC (Vehicle Systems)
CONNECTION: (4) 254.0mm (10?) wires INDICATOR PULSE RATE: 1 per second OUTPUT LOADING: 30 amps. maximum continuous CURRENT REQUIREMENTS: (excluding shutdown system solenoid etc.) @ 12v: nominal 12ma plus relay  80 ma @ 24v: nominal 16ma plus relay 180 ma     add for LED 21ma ELECTRONICS: Solid State logic and timing: polarity protected against reversed hook-up. OPERATIONAL RANGE:  ­40oC to +77oC
WEIGHT: 0.33kg (11oz.) each WARRANTY: 12 months COLOUR:  Black UNIT APPLICATION:  Any turbo charged engine.
1.  Standard 52.4mm (2-1/16?) dia. Gauge Opening 2.  Optional (2) 12.7mm (1/4?) and (2) 4.76mm (3/16?)      dia. holes

Front Bezel - Hi Temp Lexan (Polycarbonate) Nameplate - Hi Temp Lexan (Polycarbonate) Housing - Hi Impact ABS Mounting Bracket - 16 MSG CRS - Plated